The Belacoin Invest Initiative

We're giving $500 to 3 entrepreneurs who will start a Belacoin-related business. You could be one of them.

If you have ever wanted to start a cryptocurrency business, now is your chance! The Ambia Fund is giving out three $500 grants to three entrepreneurs who will use the money to start a real Belacoin-related business.

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Here's How It Works

Got a business idea that integrates Belacoin? Present it to us for a chance to receive $500 in grant funding for that business.

  • Apply and outline your business idea
  • We choose three entreprenuers with the best plans
  • If chosen, you receive $500 to use towards building your business
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Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered below, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the contact form at the bottom of the page or in a private message in our Slack channel.

  • Accordion IconIf I am chosen as a winner, what benefits do I get?

    First, you get $500 (sent in bitcoin) that must be spent on your business idea. Second, you will get guidance from The Ambia Fund. The Ambia Fund has experience in both venture capital and entrepreneurship, and they have seen businesses grow from tiny projects to receiving multi-million dollar buyouts.

    We want the same success for you and Belacoin, and we will draw from our experiences in order to steer you towards that goal.

  • Accordion IconCan I apply multiple times?

    Yes! If you have more than one viable business idea, we encourage you to submit them all. We will vet the business ideas and narrow it down to choose three from all of the applications.

  • Accordion IconWhat is the criteria for judging the business ideas?

    First, we will look to see if you can actually carry out your business idea. We need to see that you have relevant experience. For example: if you want to make a software Belacoin business, do you really know how to program?

    Second, the business idea must be achievable and doable.

    Third, it must incorporate Belacoin. It can be built on top of the Belacoin blockchain, be a business that accepts Belacoin as payment for goods/services, or even be a physical product inspired by Belacoin.

  • Accordion IconHow can I trust that The Ambia Fund won't steal my idea?

    The Ambia Fund is a private investment group, not an entrepreneurship group. Also, we are halfway through our main project, Belacam, and will not be leaving that project unfinished to chase an idea that is presented to us through the Belacoin Invest Initiative.

  • Accordion IconDo I give up equity in my business for the $500 grant?

    No. The money is entirely free, with the only catch being that it must be used for your business expenses. It can be spent on website expenses, hiring a programmer, marketing, purchasing products, etc.

  • Accordion IconCan I keep all of the profits that my business makes?

    Yes! You do not need to share your profits with us because we will not have an equity stake in your business. We want you to succeed because your business will help Belacoin succeed as well.

  • Accordion IconWhat is an example of a Belacoin-related business?

    Check out Bellachess and Belacam for actual example Belacoin businesses. Your business must incorporate Belacoin. You are free to use the Belacoin name and logo in any way you'd like, even on physical products like T-shirts or sun glasses.

  • Accordion IconWhat is your motivation for giving away $1,500?

    Bringing three new and real business to the Belacoin community gives it a real-life purpose, something that the vast majority of cryptocurrencies do not have. It brings the current number of Belacoin business from 1 to 4, thus quadrupling the size of the Belacoin business sector.

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