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Both projects integrate Belacoin as a way to differentiate from and succeed over their competitors.

Alpha testing begins Feb. 28

Belacam: Photo Sharing with a Twist

Belacam combines cryptocurrency rewards with photo-sharing social media.

  • Post your photos and receive Belacoin with each like
  • Follow others and browse your feed
  • Give another user Belacoin by liking their photos
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Primary Screenshot Secondary Screenshot
Primary Screenshot Secondary Screenshot

Bellachess: Online Chess with Cryptocurrency Rewards

The original Belacoin game downloadable on the Google Play and Android appstore. Future plans include running chess tournaments through the app.

  • Downloadable on Google Play

  • Accordion IconPays out Belacoin

  • Accordion IconBuilt-in Belacoin Wallet

The Belacoin Wallet puts you in control of your Belacoin.

Send, receive, and store your Belacoin in a desktop client. The Belacoin wallet allows you to maintain an address catalog, check blockchain information, and encrypt and backup your coins.

View wallet setup instructions here.

Belacoin Wallet

Some cool stats about Belacoin

These features enable projects and businesses like Bellachess and Belacam to thrive.


Block Time


Total Supply


Block Reward

Belacoin Exchanges

Browse through cryptocurrency exchanges that have markets for Belacoin. If you would like to have your Belacoin cryptocurrency exchange added to our site, please let us know!

Belacoin Mining Pools

Browse through known Belacoin mining pools. If you would like to have your Belacoin mining pool added to our site, please let us know!

Meet our amazing team

Belacoin is supported a Board of Advisors and the Ambia Fund. We are in the process of sourcing a new lead developer.

Member Photo
Dum is the mind behind the popular cryptocurrency radio show Shitcointalk. He is an expert in marketing and will guide Belacoin away from being a shitcoin.



Member Photo
Notsofast is a respected bitcoin and altcoin trader. He brings a network of connection and trading knowledge that helps lead Belacoin in the direction of strong, positive growth.



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The Ambia Fund is a private cryptocurrency investment group that provides the funding and resources that early-stage, high-growth cryptocurrency projects need to expand.

The Ambia Fund

Investor & Development

The Ambia Fund

The Ambia Fund invest in early-stage cryptocurrency projects, providing them the funding and connections needed to seek exponential growth.

Attracted by Bellacoin's quick block time and blockchain stability, we have decided to use it as the cryptocurrency that will fuel our social-media startup: Belacam.

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